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LA Girl Beauty Brick Blush Collection

LA Girl Beauty Brick Blush Collection

Four gorgeous blush palettes - each collection pairs two blush shades with a coordinated bronzer and highlighter. Instantly contour with complimentary shades and blendable colour in both matte and shimmery finishes for multidimensional colour. Each luxurious, glossy book includes a mirror inside.
  • Details

    GLOW: this palette is best suited for those with fair to medium skin tones (like Kelly Osbourne to Sarah Jessica Parker)
    PINKY: this palette will work best for someone with medium to tan to light olive skin tones (like Kim Kardashian to Eva Mendes)
    GLAM: this palette works well on deep olive to darker skin tones (like Lakshmi Menon)
    SPICE: this palette will work well on all skin tones
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